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Google Chromecast and Internet Security

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Google Chromecast

It is amazing how one thing leads to another. I finally gave up Spectrum cable as the cost was getting too high and AT&T finally installed a fiber optic network through my neighborhood. The deal they gave me saves me $700 the first year so I couldn’t resist. Of course, getting used to the fact that the DVR is different and no old saved programs or movies, but the internet is so much faster made it worth the difference. 

Comes baseball season and I discover that AT&T Uverse does not make MLB Extra Innings available and that is a problem because all of us really like to watch our Red Sox Baseball. Never mind how they are doing right now but last season was a blast and fun to watch so I wanted to subscribe again this year. I know I am stuck buying the MLB At bat package and I am ok with that but how to get it to the television becomes the tricky part. ... more

CES had a lot of pavilions and showrooms for not only companies to show off their wares but also for Countries. One I had a chance to see was China Tech First Look which was held offsite but did have a number of quite interesting companies showing off their wares. They had everything from Robots to life saving helpers in their showroom. From Proexpo PR. ... more LIVALL Smarthelmet
Kingston SSD UV500

I have built a lot of computers for lots of folks over the years and up to now, the pricing of the solid state drives has just been too much for people that just don’t need the blazing speed that you get from it.  I have seen a lot of them built into notebooks and that made sense because they often have low power processors and limited memory so having a quick hard drive was worth the tradeoff for reasonable speed especially when you get used to using a tablet that is instant on.  But in the desktop world, you often don’t stint on processor speed and memory especially if you are buying a machine to get some real work, or play some intensive games, on. Also as hard drives got larger and the prices shrunk on them, the price of a comparable SSD drive was way too much money.  ... more

There are times, you need to travel light. I love to travel and when I go to different and interesting places, I love to take either my digital or film camera when I see something special and whether it be the Blue Ridge Parkway, White Sands National Monument, or the White Mountains, having a camera with me is a necessity.  The times that I can’t take them with me, I have had to settle for either the tiny point and shoot cameras for which I have to admit, Canon makes some pretty good ones, or to having used my smartphone camera which it seems like the choice of millions of social media connected people all around the world. ... more Black Eye Portrait Tele
Matias Keyboard I must admit that while I love to wander through CES, at heart, I am a computer guy and have been one for decades. So, coming across a company that makes keyboards for desktops, I just had to stop by. Matias is a Canadian company founded in 1989 in the basement of one of the cofounders in suburban Toronto. And I have to confess, other than running into them at ShowStoppers, I never knew they existed. But meeting with Steve McGowan (a cofounder), I for one enjoyed the discussion and the reminiscing about keyboards of past times that were solid, well built, and lasted long beyond the computers ever could. more

The Consumer Electronics Show held annually in Las Vegas is the hub of innovation for technology across a wide spectrum of new products and services. From super-rugged headsets for niche use cases like in construction to headphones that tailor themselves to your own unique hearing characteristics, CES 2019 was home to a fascinating diversity of new Hi-Fi audio gear. Here’s a roundup of some of the most strikingly impressive headphones I had the chance to listen to at CES 2019.

... more
Beyerdynamic MOSAYC Sound Personalization
Huawei Mate 10 Pro It was just three years ago at CES that I was first introduced to Huawei which was getting into the consumer market for Android smartphones and what an impact they had. You can see the review of that Mate8 here. I was impressed with the quality, speed, power, and camera lens of the phone and used it as my primary phone until November of 2017 when a Black Friday sale at Best Buy lured me into buying the Mate9. The Mate9 was such a better smartphone; faster, more memory, better screen, and the camera was incredible. Two lenses to give you over 20 megapixels of images that were really good. Everyone was impressed. ... more

Well, we are in the data age. According to the Consumer Technology Association, from here it will be AI, Self Driving Cars, and 8K Televisions. You can read that at CTA.Tech  where they tell us where we will spend our money and why.  I saw those trends at CES and in fact, when I was booking my rides with Lyft, I got a message asking if I wouldn’t mind a self driving car. I said sure, why not. But out of about 15 rides, I never got one.

But here we are at CES Unveiled where the new and unique products from around the world are shown to us was is neat and possible. As this picture says, “Solar Cow brings children to the school” is a unique way to solve a problem. … more

Solar Cow
myCharge Razr

Power for your device is more than a necessity in life. Especially the smart phones where we tend to keep a good portion of our lives on them and for many of us, it is everything from keeping in touch with the family to checking bills and credit cards, to calendars, data books, and for many of the younger generation, social media. Over the years, I have tried a number of different devices and while many work for a while and take an incredibly long time to charge a device; they are what I would consider not critical. In fact, two of them became paperweights before I sent them off to recycling. Many were given away. ... more

The focus on this article is light when you need it and when you don't have another option. Whenever you need an extra light taking pictures and an extra hand to go with it, this is the perfect solution especialy with this new myCharge Power unit. This is just one of the neat things I saw at CES and a second in this report is an old favorite, Luci. A light that will last as nearly long as the power outage you might be suffering from next time. MPOWERD is a terrific company with neat products and a neat program that provides lighting for millions of people that just can't get it when they need it. ... more Litra & MyCharge
Rollable TV from LG This show is massive. The square footage covers the equivalent of over 50 football fields; including the end zones. There were three entire sections of the show that I was not able to visit even though I hit over 16,000 steps on Tuesday according to my health tracker. So what follows are my first impressions of the show and I hope you enjoy. More reviews and reports will be coming as well. To the left is the LG Rollable Television... more
You have to see them to believe them. What follows are some of what I thought was really cool stuff from the upcoming CES Show in Las Vegas in January 2019. They have already declared the most Innovative products that will be coming and while some are already here, most you will see next year. Here is a sneak peek for you. All of the text comes from the Innovations Award Page. And I do have links to the products and prices where available ... more. CES Winners
SkyValet Luggage While wandering the halls of CES this past January, I could see lots of products that are to help us from preventing motion sickness to tracking everything we do while traveling. What was limited was improvements on the luggage cases until I ran across a small booth from SkyValet. They were redesigning the cases literally from the wheels up and including all sorts of things to make travel easy especially the built in charger for phones and the like... more

I am a long time user of the Cherry Keyboards; they are quiet, reliable, long lasting, and never give me any trouble at all. You can see my review of the Cherry MX Silent here.  While they are far more expensive than the ordinary keyboard from Microsoft and Logitech, I highly recommend them for the reasons mentioned above as to reliability, long lasting, and simply, when you hit a key, you can count on it showing up on screen. So when they asked about sending me the new mouse, I said yes immediately for the above reasons and in fact, didn’t want to look it up to see what others thought so to give you my unbiased first opinion. ... more

Cherry MW4500 Mouse
LaCrosse Weather Years ago at CES I came across LaCrosse Technologies, makers of the coolest weather stations for the home around anywhere. For the next ten years, each morning, I could easily look at the station sitting on top of the bookcase to see what the weather will be like for that day and beyond. I realize that today, I can go get my phone, find the weather app that I use and get it that way but just a glance as I walk by was to me much more simple. So, in this review, we have a number of products for the home and to make life so much easier for you. ... more
It is summer and time to travel, get ready for the school year, and tell you about some of the technologies that I am using at home. First is the Ring Video Doorbell 2. You can read more about it here. Ring My home office is not that accessible to the front door and while people can get pretty animated knocking on the door, if I am in the middle of something, it is not easy to respond. Hence the Ring Video Doorbell 2. ... more Ring Doorbell
Monster Cable Press

One of the reasons I enjoy going to the Monster Cable press event at CES is to see not only what is new with the products Monster is developing but to also see who they trot out as spokes people. While it is curiously interesting to hear that they are sponsoring all sorts of sports events like the Washington Capitals, Miami Heat, and the VFL in Wolfsburg Germany; but also the odd arrangement of athletes like last year’s out of work basketball guard who turned out to be a brilliant addition to my own Indiana Pacers; Lance Stephenson. This year, the artist du jour was someone I never heard of before…  Iggy Azaler ... more

In the world of high-end audio, there are few headphones as iconic as Sennheiser’s HD 800. With its futuristic silver and black design and highly regarded sound signature, the HD 800 has been the choice of many audiophiles seeking “endgame” headphones. While Sennheiser released a more expensive, slightly tweaked version with the HD 800 S, the HD 800 has seen very little evolution since it was released nearly 10 years ago. At CES 2018, Sennheiser caught every audiophile’s eye by unveiling the HD 820 ... more

Sennheiser HD820 Headphones
Kopin VR Set The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas acts as a window to take a peek at the future of technology at the start of the year. While I had the chance to check out a wide array of new virtual reality, or VR, tech at CES 2018, display maker Kopin’s “Elf” VR headset stole the show when it comes to screen resolution and small form factor. That’s not entirely surprising as Kopin has been a leading manufacturer within the industrial and military VR and AR market.... more
I have to admit, looking at all the cool stuff, and often the silly stuff, makes CES a show worth visiting. Besides being incredibly enormous with my health app telling me I am hitting 12,500 steps a day; they did a terrific job in splitting up the show in manageable venues so at least I got to relax going from one massive hall to the next. And the CTA (Consumer Technology Association) does a great job in helping us see the future as well and their forecasts for 2018 while eye-popping in one regard to the massive amounts of money will be spent on consumer technology, is also telling in how little growth there is in some surprising areas.... more Google Echo
Naztech I have to admit, I have always enjoyed hearing from Hypercel because they have so many cool products to make life with your smartphone that much easier.  You will find their products everywhere but first, you should check out their website. Having just upgraded my Android Huawei smartphone, I have discovered that all my old Micro USB cables are now worthless as the new phone has the new standard USB-C connection on it. ... more
If you happen to own a smartphone from Apple or Samsung, the choices are easy as far as protection, looks, and usability of a case and I definitely have my favorites as does my daughter which don’t even come close to my choices. But if your phone of choice is not one of the top 10 popular brands, then finding a suitable phone case is quite a bit more difficult.  ... more NoReve Case
Solable LaVie There is everything from your home to your car, to your life, to your future, and yes, even once in a while for your computer. That is what CES, the show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is all about. So, first, you get the pictures I took of the show and some of the people, and then the details... more
Computers are in my blood and with the internet of Things, we are beginning to see them in absolutely everything and how long will it be before tiny computers are coursing through our blood stream to find, and hopefully cure, whatever that ails us. I am looking forward to that time, or more practically, my body is looking forward to that time. CES is just around the corner coming up a little bit later in January 2018 but they have already given us the innovation award winners and here they are... more Etheral Halo
BLink Camera While traveling can be fun, the security and condition of your home can become a nagging thought, especially after a big rain storm or blizzard. Asking a friend to stop by is a burden on them, and your surveillance may be limited to a few minutes a week. Blink’s Home Camera System makes it easy to keep an eye from anywhere on your house, apartment or business with an easy modular system of cloud enabled cameras accessible through your smart devices. ... more

One of the things I have noticed with computers that as the prices of the boxes comes down, so does the reliability inside. The last time I built myself a machine, I have discovered that (besides the Intel processor) using an Asus mainboard, Antec Case, Crucial Memory, and Western Digital Black hard drive while still costing me nearly $900 I could count on the thing running for several years without any problems. But if you look at the machines available today at the lower cost of $299 and up, you see that you are getting one with a warranty of only 90 days and a year if you are lucky. Low prices also means cheaper components. Which also means a much higher failure rate. ... more

Acronis True Image
Intel Core i9 Summer is here and the pace of technology just marches on to the next CES show and I am looking forward to it already. The technologies that we follow are getting into some new and quite interesting territory with both Apple iPhone 8 coming soon as well as the introduction of the almost new technology and 8th generation processors from Intel. But, before you buy... more
I have a small network in my office and have for years used the traditional network attached storage (NAS) device to back things up and they work quite well for the most part. But they can be expensive. Not only do you shell out a few hundred dollars for the device, but the software often attached for using to back up your computers has been spotty at best and the fact that you have to buy four identical hard drives to create the RAID Backup in the drive can be costly as well. ... more Pile of Floppy discs
Cherry MX Silent I have been pounding on one kind of keyboard or another for now over fifty years. Yes that dates me and yes, I did start very early in life. And over that time, I have had the opportunity to sample literally hundreds of different kinds of keyboards from the truly mundane that you find attached to most desktop computers purchased in a store to some pretty exotic models for specialty industries like medical, clean rooms, and the like. ... more
When discussing the potential and immersive capabilities of virtual reality (or, VR for short), the center of the conversation is often the screen, sensors and other technologies that give VR its power. The hardware under the hood may be an integral part to the immersion and potential of VR. But without anything worthwhile to experience, what’s the point? ... more Virtual Reality
Zmodo Beam

Zmodo is one of those companies you run into that looks to be doing everything right. They have a cool lineup of devices that connect together and to your home and smartphone. See the website.

I first saw them a couple of years ago at CES and thought how easy it looks so after visiting with them this year, had to take a closer look. Zmodo is a system that allows you to connect and monitor all sorts of events in the home, in and outside, to alert your smartphone of what is going on... more
After decades of dormancy and a few recent years of development, virtual reality, or VR for short, has finally reached the consumer market. The top of the price range VR headsets might reach a little high, but some of the hardware can be jaw-dropping and there are options for every budget. Whether you’re looking to experience the immersion yourself, with a techie or gamer friend or blow your grandmother’s mind, this guide can be your opportunity to understand the lingo and devices available today. by Liam Kivirist of TechSocket.net ... more Virtual Reality
Klipsch Speakers

CES has so much to choose from that you have to pick and choose and so I put together a list of companies that I want to see what is new from them that can help me in my work but also the many people that I talk to with questions about computers and technology... more

One of the holy grails of the home computer user is a simple, consistent, and strong internet connection throughout your house or office. I have had low power routers and high powered routers. I have probably used a dozen different repeaters and range extenders. And right now, to get just decent coverage in my house that is not really that big. Introducing the Linksys VELOP Mesh Network. ... more Linksys VELOP Tower
CES Unveiled What surprises me a lot about CES is how many new products that are announced are still not yet available and will be rolling out in the first half of this year. Prior to the start of CES, the show formerly known as "The Consumer Electronics Show", was two days of events for the press and media. I was treated to press events, news releases, and exhibits, like CES Unveiled, that may or may not make it to the show floor when CES actually opens... more
It is January and that means CES in Las Vegas and it was huge. It is a hard show to focus on as there is just so much and we tried to cover as much as possible but you know, it is so easy to get distracted like this 38 inch curved monitor from Viewsonic. So, head on over and see some of the sights of CES... more Viewsonic
Longmen Grottoes Back in October last year, I wrote about a portable power pack that quickly ended up in my travel bag, see the review here. It was the Cheero and they have just sent me the newest Power Plus 3. Outwardly, it has a similar but smaller shape as the prior one I wrote about but internally, the differences are terrific. If you are doing any traveling at all, you will find having something like this indespensible as my last trip to China ... more

CES comes again. The show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will probably have over 175,000 people visiting and space that would take up the equivalent of 42 US football fields in size; including the end zones.

But you have to love it, Christmas is definitely coming early to computer junkies everywhere and here is a sneak peek at some of the things that is catching my eye. Doesn't mean I will go looking for them on the show floor but someone somewhere thought they were good ideas. The other thing I notices is the number of companies that are funded via the web based cloud funding is growing by leaps and bounds ... more

Sprint Indy Last spring, I picked up a really cool traveling hotspot called the “Around Town LTE Mobile Internet” Aircard from Netgear. What I really liked about it is that it has not contract to deal with so if it takes you a year to use up the 1GB of data, then you are not paying a monthly charge for it. We used it for mostly while we were traveling on our different trips around the country to give us hot spots as we traveled and when we arrived at our various destinations. While the good news is the great plan ... more

Rod Stewart sings that it is “Late September” and what I am thinking of is Windows 7. Of course, Maggie would have been a more interesting topic but back to Windows. It is still with us and when I just looked at the number of available copies from a distributor, you can still get both

... more

Windows 7 Pro
Windows 10 Windows 7 is still with us and when I just looked at the number of available copies from a distributor, I discovered that you can still get both the 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 7 Professional (3500 copies) with a list price of $169 but none of the Windows 7 Home version. But if you don't watch out, Windows 10 will sneak on to your computer and sometimes, you really don't want that. ... more
Between my daughter and me, we have quite a few personal electronic devices that we use a lot for both home and traveling and so keeping them all charged is often a challenge.  With an older home and office building, you can’t always find an outlet where you are and especially on the road so charging devices that we can take with us is always near the top of our packing lists. And while traveling with the small and lightweight chargers is a nice idea, we have discovered that they just can’t keep up with the power demands of a tablet or iPad over a long period of time between charges. ... more HubPlus

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