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You Know You Need A New Keyboard

Cherry MX Silent I have been pounding on one kind of keyboard or another for now over fifty years. Yes that dates me and yes, I did start very early in life. And over that time, I have had the opportunity to sample literally hundreds of different kinds of keyboards from the truly mundane that you find attached to most desktop computers purchased in a store to some pretty exotic models for specialty industries like medical, clean rooms, and the like. ... more
When discussing the potential and immersive capabilities of virtual reality (or, VR for short), the center of the conversation is often the screen, sensors and other technologies that give VR its power. The hardware under the hood may be an integral part to the immersion and potential of VR. But without anything worthwhile to experience, what’s the point? ... more Virtual Reality
Zmodo Beam

Zmodo is one of those companies you run into that looks to be doing everything right. They have a cool lineup of devices that connect together and to your home and smartphone. See the website.

I first saw them a couple of years ago at CES and thought how easy it looks so after visiting with them this year, had to take a closer look. Zmodo is a system that allows you to connect and monitor all sorts of events in the home, in and outside, to alert your smartphone of what is going on... more
After decades of dormancy and a few recent years of development, virtual reality, or VR for short, has finally reached the consumer market. The top of the price range VR headsets might reach a little high, but some of the hardware can be jaw-dropping and there are options for every budget. Whether you’re looking to experience the immersion yourself, with a techie or gamer friend or blow your grandmother’s mind, this guide can be your opportunity to understand the lingo and devices available today. by Liam Kivirist of TechSocket.net ... more Virtual Reality
Klipsch Speakers

CES has so much to choose from that you have to pick and choose and so I put together a list of companies that I want to see what is new from them that can help me in my work but also the many people that I talk to with questions about computers and technology... more

One of the holy grails of the home computer user is a simple, consistent, and strong internet connection throughout your house or office. I have had low power routers and high powered routers. I have probably used a dozen different repeaters and range extenders. And right now, to get just decent coverage in my house that is not really that big. Introducing the Linksys VELOP Mesh Network. ... more Linksys VELOP Tower
CES Unveiled What surprises me a lot about CES is how many new products that are announced are still not yet available and will be rolling out in the first half of this year. Prior to the start of CES, the show formerly known as "The Consumer Electronics Show", was two days of events for the press and media. I was treated to press events, news releases, and exhibits, like CES Unveiled, that may or may not make it to the show floor when CES actually opens... more
It is January and that means CES in Las Vegas and it was huge. It is a hard show to focus on as there is just so much and we tried to cover as much as possible but you know, it is so easy to get distracted like this 38 inch curved monitor from Viewsonic. So, head on over and see some of the sights of CES... more Viewsonic
Longmen Grottoes Back in October last year, I wrote about a portable power pack that quickly ended up in my travel bag, see the review here. It was the Cheero and they have just sent me the newest Power Plus 3. Outwardly, it has a similar but smaller shape as the prior one I wrote about but internally, the differences are terrific. If you are doing any traveling at all, you will find having something like this indespensible as my last trip to China ... more

CES comes again. The show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will probably have over 175,000 people visiting and space that would take up the equivalent of 42 US football fields in size; including the end zones.

But you have to love it, Christmas is definitely coming early to computer junkies everywhere and here is a sneak peek at some of the things that is catching my eye. Doesn't mean I will go looking for them on the show floor but someone somewhere thought they were good ideas. The other thing I notices is the number of companies that are funded via the web based cloud funding is growing by leaps and bounds ... more

Sprint Indy Last spring, I picked up a really cool traveling hotspot called the “Around Town LTE Mobile Internet” Aircard from Netgear. What I really liked about it is that it has not contract to deal with so if it takes you a year to use up the 1GB of data, then you are not paying a monthly charge for it. We used it for mostly while we were traveling on our different trips around the country to give us hot spots as we traveled and when we arrived at our various destinations. While the good news is the great plan ... more

Rod Stewart sings that it is “Late September” and what I am thinking of is Windows 7. Of course, Maggie would have been a more interesting topic but back to Windows. It is still with us and when I just looked at the number of available copies from a distributor, you can still get both

... more

Windows 7 Pro
Windows 10 Windows 7 is still with us and when I just looked at the number of available copies from a distributor, I discovered that you can still get both the 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 7 Professional (3500 copies) with a list price of $169 but none of the Windows 7 Home version. But if you don't watch out, Windows 10 will sneak on to your computer and sometimes, you really don't want that. ... more
Between my daughter and me, we have quite a few personal electronic devices that we use a lot for both home and traveling and so keeping them all charged is often a challenge.  With an older home and office building, you can’t always find an outlet where you are and especially on the road so charging devices that we can take with us is always near the top of our packing lists. And while traveling with the small and lightweight chargers is a nice idea, we have discovered that they just can’t keep up with the power demands of a tablet or iPad over a long period of time between charges. ... more HubPlus
Titan M Cable Windows 10 is probably still in your future plans but might not be on the computer you have. In fact, I have discovered that a number of computers that were sold with Windows 8 still don’t have drivers available to them that will allow them to upgrade to Windows 10 and by now you should know, anyone still running Windows 8 on a computer should by all means see if they can upgrade to Windows 10. Also, want an indestructable cable for charging your smartphone? See ... more
This next day was full of wandering around the strip looking at new products that weren't being shown on the showfloor but were fun to see and hear about. From a much faster computer to better monitors to clearer sounds to thinks that might just make life a whole lot easier for us around the house ... more Xcycte Cables
Virtual Reality One of the things I like about press days at CES is to hear what the companies themselves think people are looking for and while sometimes you sit there and say well of course, there are other times you shake your head and wonder. The preview was fun to hear from the CTA (Consumer Technology Association, formerly the Consumer Electronics Association) and besides the iot or “internet of things”, what it really looks like is putting sensors, cameras, and monitors on more and more things... more
.. ...

CES is just too big to cover. The show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas boasted over 175,000 people visiting (not sure if it included the many thousands working the floor), and space that would take up the equivalent of 42 US football fields in size; including the end zones. According to my tracker, I did over six miles a day and while I hit nearly every hall, still missed a ton of stuff. What is here are some images from the show that I took as I wandered the floors. Hope you enjoy them.

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who knows what


So what makes it much more valuable to me is to spend my time in off floor events like Pepcom’s Digital Experience where I get to go to a hotel ballroom (and they do get pretty large), and see a lot of new and old companies without getting shoved out of the way.  And, yes the coffee was good. ... more

One company there, Roost, has a new electronic replacement for the 9 volt battery you place in smoke detectors. Yes, these are the ones that once a year, you are supposed to go around the house and change all the batteries in. And of course, most people don’t. The concept sounds quite neat. Replace the battery with an electronic version of itself that will not only last five years but will also let you know when it is time to change it. I had to see for myself. ... more

Huawei Mate 8 First of all. It is a cell phone. One of how many that are out there on the market and, from what I saw at CES, are bound to be more and more coming to our shores. Huawei is one of the many very large Chinese companies that most people have never heard of and they have already made quite a few inroads into the USA market. If you look at a number of the Google Nexus phones available, you are looking at a Huawei phone, but what a phone. ...more
Christmas may be over but CES 2016, the show previously known as the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, was exhausting, painful, crowded, way too huge, and a load of fun to wander. The first impressions are things that may be coming soon to a store near you and you could make the argument that they have nothing to do with your computer. Take a look. .. moreDrone
CES I don't know about you but CES 2016, the show previously known as the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, is to me like a kid waiting for Christmas. You get a hint of what will be out there but till you see it, you really don't know what is under the tree. But unlike Christmas, when you open the package, there might be nothing there as we do see a lot of new things from startups that just don't make it. This year, cloud funding has really taken off and the press releases are flooding the mail box. So, here is a sampling of what caught my eye. ... more
Staying connected has always been one of the holy grails we continue to search for because as we travel more, we need to keep things powered and as we move into the beautiful fall weather, at least here in Indiana, power issues become more and more in our minds. And staying connected is of course, what we need the most even if we are venturing off the grid for extended stays in places like the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Badlands, or even Death Valley, one of my favorite destinations. So, we want to stay slightly connected if you want to post images on Facebook, use the smartphone GPS to keep you on the right road, and need to keep the digital camera charged. ... more Cheero Power
Netgear Around Town Mobile A problem we encounter is that if we want to take a bunch of smaller trips throughout the whole summer, do I need to keep buying minutes each month for my mobile host spot? That is the problem we ran into as we got ready for the summer trip east and Netgear has come up with a solution for us there in their new Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet. The model number is AC778AT. ... more

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