WiFi 6 certifiedStaying connected to the internet is probably the most important thing for today‚Äôs connected world. If the internet goes down in the house, I hear it immediately as we have so many things connected from doors to lights to music to movies and everything else it seems. 

The curse for us is to who do we blame for poor service. Is it the cable company and their access point or modem? Is it the router and wifi device? How about the connected tablet, phone, doorbell, opener, or thermostat? Sad to say, nearly all of these devices do not have much in the way to let us know something else is failing.Linksys




The common wisdom says that a router should last 3 to 4 years. My old Netgear went belly up when I was attempting to apply the latest firmware update. Not only did it fail, the router never worked again at all even though the lights were on, nobody was home.

Right now the Linksys Mesh system I have is pushing three years old and is I think, getting flaky at times but it is hard to prove so I really don't think I should blame it for my internet problems.


WFA Alliance Flat Web LR 46

WiFi is changing and while the products usher in a new technology, the WiFi Alliance has changed how we describe them. Below is a table outlining the new standard names and what they are.



emr3500 2pack 300x300

I have had excellent success with the EnGenius Mesh system I installed in a church with four nodes. That is working well and I am waiting for the next round of improvements in the software App for the smartphone to let me connect to it remotely and give me a better idea of the logs and status of the network.

You can read more about how the EnGenius network is working for me here and here.






wifi table




WiFi6 will be much faster and it will support more devices connecting at the same time. Great for home and the office. They are using two technologies to improve that performance and you can read about the details here from Netgear and here from Linksys.



Course if you read more, you will see there are all sorts of standards coming out including ad which is supposed to be incredibly fast but you better park yourself literally in the same room to get the speeds out of it. I love the blurbs about the ax standard as downloading software in the blink of an eye. Ever get into a staring contest? Not good for the eyes.




Android Central already has their best WiFi 6 Mesh Routers report and you can read it here. Their best for speed is the Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 Orbi RBK852System.

More News Later.

Robert Sanborn
October 2019