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Photoshop V5.5 by Adobe Systems
Review by Jeff Blye
Co-Chair of PhotoShop SIG, Long Island PC Users Group

In the world of digital photography, Photoshop by Adobe Systems Incorporated is the industry standard by which all other image-editing programs are measured. Created to deliver the finest in digital image enhancements, photo retouching, and image composting, Photoshop is clearly the leading graphic software package available today. Whether you're a professional graphic artist or a casual user, Adobe Photoshop will facilitate the creation of exceptional graphic documents through the use of its unparalleled features and tools, something sure to heighten your creative efforts.Adobe Photoshop

With the introduction of Photoshop 5.5, Adobe has significantly increased the power and performance of this program, introducing a number of new and sophisticated imaging tools, including ImageReady 2.0, a fully integrated software package for advanced processing of web graphics. It is by far, the finest integrated toolset for designing and producing high-quality images for both print and the web.

Photoshop 5.5 ships with an impressive assortment of new features and tools expressly designed for handling digital photographs. Use the new magic eraser and background eraser tools to erase pixels, areas of layers, or color from image edges to achieve unique transparent effects. Mask foreground images that have intricate, wispy, or hard-to-define edges more accurately with the new extract image command. Paint stylized strokes on an image, much as you would brush paint onto a canvas, with the art history brush. Specify spot-color channels for any image so you can incorporate varnishes, metallic inks, and other specialty colors to print jobs. Editable text layers let you create text with precision and control over typeface, leading, kerning, tracking and alignment. In addition, sophisticated text effects are also available such as shadows, glows, bevels, and more. As always, the user can add an amazing array of enhancements and tools to Photoshop's powerful features with an ever-growing assortment of specialized plug-ins.

Use Photoshop 5.5 to design high-quality animated GIF files with optimized file sizes. A new Save For Web window lets you preview image quality and balance it against file size as you apply compression settings. Plus, you can use this feature to manage colors, preview browser dither and more. And speaking of the Web, enjoy a seamless workflow. Just click the Jump To icon to instantly move a file from Photoshop to ImageReady 2.0, to further edit and optimize it for the Web. Generate complex JavaScript rollover effects without writing a line of code; make an area of an image change when you click on, press down on, or roll over that area with a mouse. Create user slices by dragging rectangles over an image with the slice tool. Achieve Web-ready color; use the Color Table tab to add, delete, edit, lock, or shift colors to Web-safe equivalents. Create a Web-page contact sheet of thumbnails that link to full-size images.

In short, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 is a powerful, feature-rich program that is a necessary addition for anyone who does image editing, retouching, and composting of digital images. It is also a welcomed adjunct for those that need a superior product for creating images for the Web. Empower your creative force and enhance productivity with the best selling image-editing software in the world, Adobe Photoshop 5.5.

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