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Technology Today - February 2014 - Nomad Charge Key - Pelican ProGear iPhone Case
By Robert Sanborn

The winter has not yet let up and so we look to the mailbox for some interesting products that might be worth a look.  I have always loved the minimalist approach to traveling and how much gear I need to take with me and of course, nearly every time I do travel by air, I hear the announcement that would so and so please return somewhere to pick up something left behind. So when Nomad, http://www.hellonomad.com/ came out with an iPhone charge cable that was no bigger than a key; I had to take a look. It is cool, and tiny, no more larger than a key that is a charging solution for my iPhone. Match that with my Lenmar mini charger and I might have a very compact travel charging solution for a short trip. Around $25.

Longer trips will be another matter as I will also need a wall and car connector with me as well as definitely a longer charging cable. And speaking of charging cables; now with an iPhone 5S, it requires a different connector cable than did my old iPhone 4S and so if you look for an extra cable at say Best Buy, you will spend $15 for one.  So, on to Amazon. Found that I could buy three of the iPhone 5S charging cables from CR Trading (Hong Kong) for an incredible $3 including shipping. Yes, it took a while for them to get here but they work just fine.

Charge Key
Pelican ProGear

Pelican ProGear

I worry about my gear, especially when I am out in the elements and that is why my current iPhone 5S case of choice is the LifeProof. But something else you might want to consider if you are not so weather adverse as I am would be the Pelican ProGear Protector Series for the iPhone. http://www.pelicanprogear.com/ if you want gear that is as rugged as you are, or want to be, they have an iPhone case that will take falls much better than you will. The cases are made of advanced polymers that really give it some protection. The ProGear CE1150 Protector Series for the iPhone 5 not only has the tough chamfer design on the outside but also a soft elastomeric lining on the inside to cushion the phone and provide an excellent layer of protection. They even guarantee it for life. While the glass on the phone is not protected, the casing wraps around it so the only risk would be a direct hit on the glass itself. It adds very little size to the phone and while they tout the smooth shell for easy sliding into a pocket or bag, my only complaint is that smooth shell also means easy sliding out of that pocket or bag. But I really do like the solid construction of the case and its shock absorbing capabilities. Around $40.


Robert Sanborn

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