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Technology Today - October 2018 SkyValet

By Robert Sanborn

While wandering the halls of CES this past January, I could see lots of products that are to help us from preventing motion sickness to tracking everything we do while traveling. What was limited was improvements on the luggage cases until I ran across a small booth from SkyValet. They were redesigning the cases literally from the wheels up and including all sorts of things to make travel easy especially the built in charger for phones and the like. Forward from there to my many trips this spring and summer and hearing all sorts of horror stories about the TSA mandating the removal of the high capacity batteries from luggage cases and the like and so was wondering what happened to SkyValet.

SkyValet Luggage


Come to find out, they saw the writing on the wall and held off releasing their own version of the truly smart travel case till this month. And the wait was worth it. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.  Let’s start with the wheels.  These are called Shark Wheels.  They are designed to more easily wheel around obstructions including rocky pavements and sidewalks and if you have traveled any overseas, you will find rough pavement the norm in your travels. A huge advantage right there.

Next is the all important battery.  Easily removed to pass the TSA muster. Not only included is the fast wireless charger, easily accessible on the outside of the case, for those future smartphones capable of them, there are also two USB charging ports available as well.

SkyValet battery

SkyValet Front Pocket

The front of the luggage case includes an easy access one touch magnetic opening pocket for quick access to items you need while checking in and getting settled on the plane.

Here is a good place to mention some of the really cool features of this case. A SkyValet App for both Android and iOS that tells you not only where your case is with location tracking but also a proximity alert function. If your checked bag gets mis directed, there is the optional tracker to keep track of it no matter where it goes.  And how about a built in scale which is integrated in the Medium and Large luggage handles to display the weight of the luggage on the fly. No more going up to the check in counter and wondering how much it weighs.

And finally, incorporated is a Bluetooth lock with a dual locking system accessible by the SkyValet App or used with the TSA approved keys.

I have to say, I am very impressed. You can see more about it here. They have a neat short video on YouTube.  From what it looks like, there will be the travel size case, and Medium and Large Luggage cases. More coming soon.

SkyValet Bluetooth

Robert Sanborn

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