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Voice over Internet (VOIP)
by Alan Linker 

In a Comdex show that had very little to offer there was a company that showed a very interesting product using Voice over IP.  AICO Systems, Inc. produces a real phone set called TalkPro, instead of having to use a microphone and headset. 

The unit hooks up to the USB or Ethernet directly. The USB unit will work on a computer hooked up to the net using either broadband or dial-up.  Just plug it in and load the software and start dialing. The Ethernet phone is even easier, just plug in to and Ethernet jack and start dialing

The service is very clear and easy to use.  The cost is much cheaper that most telephone companies charge.  With other systems you pay for every minute or have to pay a large monthly flat fee, here you can call from TalkPro to TalkPro and the call costs nothing.

If you call a line outside the service provider, the cost is less than 4 cents a minute and to most counties around the world the cost is less than 10 cents a minute. 

You can also receive calls from outside the system the caller dials a local number and enters your systems 7 digit phone number. 

I find this service to be very convenient for family or friends having to make many calls back and forth especially when one is outside the country, since phone-to-phone is free.  The voice quality is very clear with very little delay and the best part is the both end can talk at the same time just like being on a real phone.  

Pricing for the phones start at $109.99 for the USB and Ethernet start at $169.99, but they run specials on multipliable phones. 

For more info on the service go to: http://www.talkpro.net/technology/index.html, products http://www.talkpro.net/products/index.html. and rates http://www.talkpro.net/rate/index.html

AICO Systems, Inc
17800 Castleton St., Ste 318
City of Industry, CA 91748, USA

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