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Electric Fuel: Charge your cell phone or PDA without the need of an electrical outlet!
by Roy Linker

This is an item I came across at a trade show and feel that it is worth bringing to your attention. I have used it and find that it has been very useful when my cell phone battery died unexpectedly. CompUSA and many other outlets are now carrying the disposable battery charger.

Travel Power Solutions from INSTANT POWER

Ever wish you could charge your cell phone or PDA without electricity? The Instant Power Charger is a self-contained device that you connect to your phone or handheld to recharge the battery, no electricity required, and you can keep on talking while its charging. Instant Power's disposable PowerCartridge is good for three full charges, hours of phone or PDA operation and weighs just 3 ounces 85 grams

The update of the product can now be used in your car or at home.

The Instant Power Charger gets its energy from its zinc air PowerCartridge™ so you can charge your phone anywhere, anytime and the ability to talk immediately, even on an empty battery.

Electric Fuel manufactures high-capacity, high-power zinc-air batteries for devices such as cellular telephones, notebook computers, camcorders, handheld computers and PDA's.

The Instant Power charger allows you to talk and charge your phone simultaneously, providing instant and continuous communication. Whether your battery is running low or completely dead, simply plug the compact, lightweight charger into the phone, and continue to talk, work and access the Internet.

Electric Fuel makes replaceable batteries for Phones and PDA equiptment.

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