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Minolta Dimage Scan Dual

by Alan Linker

High-Quality Scanning As Fast As You Can Create

If you are into photography and not very happy with the quality of digital cameras, you can stick with a good film camera and get great digital pictures with the Scan Dual for about $400.00.

The Dimâge Scan Dual gives you professional-quality digital imaging right in your own home, with 8 million pixel resolution and 30-bit, fine-gradation color sampling. It includes everything you need to scan 35mm film images and transfer them to a PC or Macintosh. Plus, an optional adapter lets you scan Advanced Photo System cassettes. Also includes Adobe PhotoDeluxe software for image manipulation.

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The ability to scan a variety of film formats gives you greater flexibility. Unlike many scanners that limit you to one type of film, the can Dual accepts both positive and negative 35mm film, in either color or black & white. You can also scan Advanced Photo System film. Film holders are included for easy and safe film handling and insertion. (Advanced Photo System film holder is an optional accessory).

Now you don’t have to make prints to see your photos. Just scan them by placing up to six negatives or positives in the supplied sleeve holder; the frame number to be scanned is displayed. Because the entire sleeve is inserted, your films are fully protected.

Advanced Photo System film cassettes

You simply drop the film cassette in the optional Advanced Photo System film holder and insert it. Minolta’s Index Scan function provides easy, convenient viewing of all frames on your screen.

HIGH RESOLUTION: You’ll like the excellent picture quality and convenient image compensation.

The Scan Dual offers the highest resolution in this class of scanner: 8,000,000 pixels (2,438 dpi). Combined with its three-wavelength (R/G/B) fluorescent lamp and a 3-line CCD for accurate scanning, this means sharp, detailed images with quality close to that of the original photo. And for modifying your scanned images, the Minolta drive software allows convenient, versatile image compensation.

HIGH SPEED: Fast scanning time means you’re working more, waiting less.

When you have a lot of photos to scan, whether for a large job or to find just the image you want, scanning speed becomes an important factor. Scan Dual saves you precious time, providing fast scanning speeds while maintaining high resolution. Preview scanning time is about 15 seconds and main scanning time is about 60 seconds (35mm positive film on Macintosh, Minolta measurement).

At 2,438 dpi, this is outstanding performance. And thanks to its advanced focus-free technology, you don’t have to worry about handling complicated focusing operations.

VERSATILE SOFTWARE: Bundled with easy-to-use driver software and Adobe imaging software.

The Scan Dual is bundled with sophisticated driver software that provides two levels of control (Standard and Advanced), designed to make operation easy for new and advanced users from initial set-up to image compensation. The graphic user interface also contributes to fast, mistake-free operation. You can choose two different levels of compensation, a Variation Compensation mode with basic functions, and a Tone Curve Histogram Compensation mode with professional capabilities. In addition, you can display images before and after compensation for comparison.

Index Scan makes scanning much more convenient by displaying all the photos on the screen, with easy selection of the ones you want to scan. You can save images with a press of the Index Save button.

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Last Update:06/26/2007


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