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This is a review of the SureThing CD Label Maker. 
by Roy Linker

Design & Print Your Own CD-R/DVD, Jewel Case and other media labels

Package Includes: CD Label Applicator, free Starter Pack of CD labels, hundreds of colorful backgrounds, over 10,000 clipart images.

It was quite easy to set up and was surprised to see the ease in getting a professional label made. The software was straight forward in its installation and did not take long to print the first CD Label. 

You can scan a CD with the TWAIN Support in the software and use that to make a copy for printing. labels it works with are from Avery, Memorex, CD Stomper, PressIT, Neato and more.

SmartDesigns are templates that work like a design assistant. They provide a large number of backgrounds, layout, font and point sizes. With SmartDesigns, you can create attractive, customized labels with just a few mouse clicks.

You can make your designs stand out with Text Effects. Wrap text around curves, set it on an angle or an arch, rotate it, skew it or set it in perspective. Create full-colored text fills and drop shadows.

Create and print serialized labels with SureThing’s clever insert serial number tool. It will make labels for Zip, Jaz, Diskette, Audio cassette, VHS and more

The applicator was easy to use and should mount the labels accurately every time. 

Below are SnapShots of the software and the ease of its use. 

The SureThing desktop is efficiently arranged, placing the most useful tools and controls at your fingertips -- popular design tools are displayed along the top, frequent commands on the left, and “SmartDesign” controls along the bottom.

take the guess work out of creating labels. You simply select the brand and stock number of the label sheets you are using, and SureThing creates the appropriate templates

SureThing maximizes efficiency and minimizes wasted labels. Choose the number of labels you want to print, and the starting position on the label sheet you want to print.

System Requirements are 8mb Ram, 10 - 18mb Diskspace, 
Win 95/98/NT.  Will run on 486 or faster computer.
SRP $39.95 with an offer of a 30 day money back guarantee. Sold at most retail stores or down loaded from their web site.

Last Update:06/26/2007


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