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a windows Screen Capture utitity.

by Roy Linker

SnagIt is an easy-to-use, efficiency based desktop utility that provides Windows users with high-quality, controlled image captures. Unlike enhanced graphics utilities that bury a screen capture option in their programs, SnagIt's features are designed for quick, intuitive captures of all or part of the image on the computer screen. Users of any skill level praise SnagIt’s user interface for its intuitiveness. Both novice and intermediate users appreciate the one- step, one-button capture, while advanced users appreciate DDE and MAPI support, the ability to capture full-screen DOS windows, autonaming and Active Capture. Once you use SnagIt, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Easy To Set Up
SnagIt installs quickly, easily and nonintrusively. SETUP.EXE prompts the user for the following:

  • Destination Directory (default: c:\program files\techsmith\snagit32)
  • Program Manager Group (default: SnagIt32)
  • Add SnagIt to the StartUp Group (default: no)
  • Start SnagIt Minimized (default: no)

Users typically place SnagIt in the StartUp Group to automatically load when Windows starts - so it's there when they need it. Which, as many SnagIt users have found, becomes more frequent with use. As a SnagIt/32 3.1 Beta tester wrote, "I’d be lost without SnagIt/32 parked down in my toolbar. There is hidden value in this little gem."

Easy To Use - Right From The Start
SnagIt installs preconfigured to send the Entire Screen to the Printer, scaled to fit best on the page, using the hotkey sequence Ctrl+Shift+P. Unlike competing products, capturing an image requires no additional user input for completion.

The SnagIt capture is invoked by pressing a hotkey or hotkey sequence. The default hotkey sequence for SnagIt is Ctrl+Shift+P. Changing SnagIt’s hotkey is quick and easy.

SnagIt provides flexible hotkey combinations and is the only screen capture utility with as much user controlled flexibility to support use of the Print Screen key as a user-defined hotkey.

SnagIt doesn't litter your hard drive with files and system file changes. In the event you wish to uninstall SnagIt.


Last Update:06/26/2007


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