As you have read from some of my earlier postings, I am in constant search of a good price for noise cancelling headphones.  In the past, I have avoided the in ear headphones or earbuds as for some strange reason, they just never fit that well nor could I get used to them.  Well, times, my head, and the technology has changed quite a bit over the years and as you can see from this story , I had a great time with a new noise cancelling headphones from Edifier.


While I was at CES, I also ran into a new company that is creating what looks to be a terrific set of noise cancelling earbuds. Spending some time with them to try things out, I was quite impressed that I didn’t mind wearing them for an extended period of time. And did I mention, they also are noise cancelling as well.


AU STREAM HB Red frontAusounds is a new California company that launched itself just this past August 2019 with technology in mind.  While visiting with them, I got to take home the AU-Stream Hybrid earbuds and they are loaded. How about Bluetooth 5.0, a hybrid active noise cancellation, titanium drivers, 25 hours battery life, hands free calling, and an IPX5 waterproof rating. There is also support for AI voice assistant.  And like all modern earbuds, it sports a touch sensitive multifunction controller that allows you to manage both your phone calls as well as listening to music. Each earbud has four microphones to keep you in touch with the surrounding goings on as well as to manage the ANC for you.


Because they are also very light weight, they will be good for a very long use time such as plane rides and those times I need to sit in a jet for 14 hours.


AU STREAM HB Gold lefYou charge them by placing them in their own travel and charging case and the battery in the case is large enough and fast enough for a full charge in 1 ½ hours. When it is time to recharge them, the case alone will give you another full charge without having to plug it in and it uses a USB-C plug so that I can use the same cord for both my smartphone and the earbuds.


So, what’s in the box which is a nice sturdy container for the earbuds. A warranty card if you need it, Quick Start guide, User Manual and three different ear tip sizes. A very small USB to USB-C cable. The quick start guide is very clear and easy to understand. First charge the case and earbuds inside the case, find the best fit for you with the silicon eartips, and the pair it to your smartphone. What is cool to me is that both earbuds have the touch control to play and pause music, answer a phone call, tap and hold to refuse a call or hang up, tap three times for voice assistant, and tap and hold three seconds for noise cancellation. Skipping tracks is the most complicated; tap twice on left for previous, tap twice on right for next.


AU STREAM HB Red leftIn using them,  my only quibble so far has been that it constantly wants to continue with the Google Play music and I had to tell Google to clear the que so that the music would not start when I tap the earbud. And not having used earbuds much in the past, it was different to get used to as to where do I really tap since I was not used to reaching up there.  I really do like the fact that it they have labeled each R or L so I don’t have to think about which ones to grab.

As to the sound, it is terrific. Playing several of my favorite tracks of music brings out wonderful tones and nuances that I just don’t hear from speakers on the computer or in the living room.

Available now the Austream Hybrid ANC for $189 in black, grey, gold, and red, these are definitely keepers and I am looking forward to my next plane ride soon.


Robert Sanborn
March 2020