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The new trends that we were hearing about coming out of CES (the show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show) certainly had nothing at all in the hint that was to be the coronavirus. 



MWC Cancelled


For once I had thought about heading to Barcelona Spain for the Mobile World Congress and I am glad I stalled, for my own health reasons, for it was cancelled. 


But I was in Las Vegas and before the show even started was the event called “Tech Trends to Watch”. 



Of course, you have heard about 5G coming and nearly everyone is talking about it but what you don’t hear is pricing.  I have little doubt that our telecoms will try to squeeze every nickel that they can out of it and while the thought of unlimited bandwidth while you travel sounds great, let me tell you, my trip to Germany over Christmas was quite expensive when it came to using the data from my smartphone. 

If they stick us with exorbitant roaming charges, what do you think they will do when 5G finally rolls out.  And I realize that it will be an expensive rollout for the telecoms but please, don’t try to make it all up on the first day when we can finally get connected maybe by 2022.



So the new “iot” is now the Intelligence of Things. Don’t get me wrong, I love a smarter box in my hands, on the wall, in the living room, but please, do I have to have a different app for everything?  All of these technologies like garage doors, thermostats, lights, alarms, door bells, water alarms, batteries, and motion detectors need to tell me what is going on but if you think about it, once everything has settled into its own routines, do you need that constant notification from a dozen different apps to let you know that life is still normal?




The average size of a new television is now 48 inches. I have to confess; I have three televisions and none of them are that large. Course, I am the only one that watches one as everyone else is on a smartphone, tablet, or computer for their entertainment and news. 

It is not in my future but boy, the new ones do look marvelous! Head over to Best Buy sometime to see an incredible lineup that includes things like LED, OLED, ULED, Quantum Dot, QLED, and even more different technologies that will truly wow you. That beautiful set to the left is from Skyworth.

Did you know that esports is now a $1B industry?



self driving bus




This will also be the electric decade for vehicles. I have seen the all-electric and self-driving cars, trucks, and busses but you know, it will also be all about the infrastructure.  There will be big bumps, not only people getting bumped off, but Indianapolis has shut down its Blue Indy electric car sharing program. Lack of use.





Finally, it will be about cyber security. Drones for mapping and search and rescue. Social robots to keep someone company, and of course, silly electronic things like my favorite, the Foldimate below. Foldimate

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Robert Sanborn
February 2020