CES 2020 Unveiled - A First Look at New Products


Day one of CES, the show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, was for me what is called Unveiled where companies that have new and exciting technologies get to show off their products even before the show starts.  Lots of people taking their first look at things and lots of new things that may or may not capture your imagination.





Drones are getting both bigger and smaller and even more specialized as you can see in the Waver Drone from FPV Robotics.


Designed with floats to stay in use longer inspecting bridges.  Here is also a TechCrunch Story on it.





Shure had for decades been the go to company for cartridges for your turntables and record players and now they are into Microphones, Earphones, Headphones, and wired and wireless conference solutions.


What caught my eye were the new wireless earphones and a lineup for any price point you desire.  Very impressive.








Targus has long been the go to company for travel bags for notebooks and tablets but also has developed a terrific lineup of hubs and docking stations for computers. 


How about a docking station to allow you to connect four monitors to your computer. They have docking stations, hubs, and power solutions for nearly anything you need.







Even though I have a collection of records and seem to keep adding to it, how about creating your own. Vinylrecorder.com is that solution. For only $4000, you can have your own mastering system.





The last really cool thing I saw at Unveiled was from Cleer Audio.  I have long looked to them for their headphones and earphones so always enjoy a visit with them.


Cleer Mirage


Here at Unveiled, they were showing off a desktop speaker that is wrapped by a flexible screen from Royole. Very cool, great sound, and something to really set your living room apart.


Cleer Audio won 10 awards at CES including four “Best of CES”.  Read the reviews here. What you see here is the “Mirage”. 


From Roberta Lewis: 

Mirage – The next dimension in Smart Speakers, Mirage has a 7.8-inch AMOLED flexible touch display wrapped around its cylindrical body with Amazon Alexa voice control, 5MP camera and two mics to pick up your voice. The speaker system made by Cleer using Royole’s display is equipped with three full-range drivers and a passive bass radiator for dynamic sound performance . Available Q2 2020. Suggested retail, $899 US.




 The good news about Unveiled this year was it was in a larger ballroom and you could actually get close to some of the exhibitors and really talk to them. Also, a great opportunity to see some old friends like Cruz Moncivais.

More News Later.

Robert Sanborn
January 2020

Unveiled 2020