Computex2021My next run through Computex 2021 let me look at some other companies that have neat products or YouTube videos. 

One is from Apacer, who has a terrific factory tour here.






VideowindoW adds value to glass by turning glare control into a media platform, merging sustainability goals with profitability. You can see their Vimeo Video here.





 Another company is developing a gyroscope based glove to help people with tremors reduce them to allow them to live as normally as they can. 


Take a look at their YouTube video which shows GyroGear and founder Dr Faii Ong featured in BBC One Show in 2018.


The early prototype is featured on the video.



Gigabyte has also come out with some very small computer replacements that look perfectly Gigabyte BrixProsuited for people that want to downsize the amount of space the tower takes up.


Though you really can’t do much about the keyboard and monitor, the rest of your system doesn’t have to take up the rest of your desktop space either.  Take a look at the Brix Pro.









You know I am a computer guy at heart and this keyboard is begging for me to give it a try, if I could ever find one. From Shenzhen Silver Storm Technology. Just love the name as well. is the Chinese website.




towe100 1sMost of the websites have little information on them but Thermaltake has created a number of YouTube videos and live sessions that went on from June 1 to 4.


They were entertaining and informative.  New products are the Divider 200 small desktop case. Not on the website yet.


Even smaller are the ITX Tower 100 cases. My favorite is the Snow Mini chassis.


The new Toughpower supplies all come with a 10 year warranty. To top off your office, get the Argent E700 gaming chair.




PlantanappIt used to be at trade shows, you would see a lot of software products and applications but today’s technology is moving into a different trend and concept completely.  If you have never heard of “Low-code” software, you are probably not alone but it describes a whole new approach to developing applications.  In fact, Gartner Group predicts (and if anyone should know, they should) that by 2024 67% of medium and large organizations will be using “Low-code” tools to speed up application delivery.  Mendix has a good read on the subject here.  And Plant an App is at Computex.


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Dracula Technologies, a French company, has an interesting video that shows you getting power from ambient light in an office or home.


The narrator is speaking English but is very difficult for me to understand so you might want to watch the video twice.  They did win a CES 2021 Innovation Award.



The keynotes and videos are quite fascinating as you hear about the uses of technology that we never thought of before.

From Micron comes a terrific video titled: AI Empowerment - Memory at the Heart of AI Innovation.  Another look at where computing is going in the future is from ARM with a video called: AI Empowerment - Accelerating Ubiquitous Intelligence.

Definitely worth taking a look at.  I hope you enjoy the browsing as much as I did.


Robert Sanborn

June 2021