Muscleman at Edifier



Edifier's Noise Cancelling Head Phones W860NB


Normally I would tell you about all the wonderful things I have seen at CES but first I want to tell you about my trip back to Indianapolis.  It was eventful and I found an exit row to sit in for extra leg room (slightly); but the best part of it was that I had a new set of Noise Cancelling Headphones from Edifier.  In a nutshell, they were great.  I first saw them off the show floor at Pepcomm's Digital Experience where I ran into an old friend, Bruce Pechman, the Muscle Man of Technology. Bruce is a terrific guy and we spent more time chatting and so I had little time to talk to Edifier. 


I have been looking for an inexpensive set of NC Headphones for a very long time and the problem I run into a lot is that they are often made with stiff ear cups, are heavy, and of course, you have to deal with the cords and batteries which can be a pain but worth dealing with when you really want to watch a movie or listen to music. 


Robert and Rose at EdifierSo, while I neglected talking to Edifier at Pepcomm, I finally made it over to their booth on the show floor and ran into Rose Wang and had a great conversation with her. I told her about my quest for the perfect combination of quality and price and she gave me a set of the new W860NB Noise Cancelling headphones to try out and said I would not be dissapointed.


These are softly padded at both the earcups and also the head band. The package for carrying them is a durable and stiff plastic form fitting clamshell case to protect them in a crowded backpack or carry on bag and it has a convenient velcro mesh pocket for the extras you will need. The cable for listening to an older smartphone or other external sound source and also the 2-pin adapter connector for most aircraft music plugs. You will need to get the 3-pin adapter as some aircraft use those if you fly overseas. It also comes with a quite short USB to Micro-USB cable for charging the headset which takes about three hours to charge it for about 35 hours of working time. 


A small user guide comes with the Headset and you might hang onto it with them until you get used to it. To power on, you need to hold the power button for a little more than three seconds and you will hear a little sound to indicate they are on. There is also a blue indicator light that flashes to let you know they are turned on. If that indicator flashes red, that means the battery is low but you have to take the headphones off to see. That on/off switch is also a multifunction button  so that in order to pair it with another smartphone or device, you need to hold the button for five seconds to start the pairing.   You can also connect these to two different devices at the same time.  If your other device is a NFC (Near Field Communication) device, the Edifier W860NB can also pair with it. 



The headphones also have the capability to answer phone calls as well.  Of course, for me, one feature I really like is the noise cancelling portion has its own switch to turn on and off which will save battery life. 

So, how was the trip? Very nice and quiet. The plane ride was a four hour trip and even though I wear glasses to read as well, there was no uncomfortable pressure on my ears wearing these headphones. The noise cancellation worked very well and made it a nice quiet plane ride home. 


For specifications, the Headphones has a built in 1400mAh rechargeable battery that is good for 800 standby hours or 35 hours of use. It uses version 4.1 Bluetooth. The right ear piece is also a touch screen for dealing with phone calls that you can either answer or reject and for lowering or raising the volume of the speaker when listening to music or even changing the track that you are listening to. And as far as listening to music, they performed very well. I pulled up a couple of favorite tracks like Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb and it sounded wonderful.


The headphones are not designed for poor weather, wearing while working out or exercising, or leaving in a very hot or cold car. The price is a very nice $119 and they are available directly from Edifier. I for one am very pleased that I have finally found them.


Robert Sanborn
January 2020.