Pepcom’s Digital Experience is one of those events before the event known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and I have to admit, this makes the trip to Las Vegas worth the effort and unfortunately for me, it was an effort as I had suffered an attack of Gout that renders the foot nearly unusable. So, loaded up with medication and my walking stick, I limped through a terrific array of companies of which there were a dozen that were on my must visit list.  The interesting part was that only six of those were computer related companies.  The rest are products that I consider must haves in our digital world and yet there were many more worth stopping to see.pepcomm2



One of the companies that were on the must have list that I did not get a chance to visit was Airthings. They make a Radon Detector for your home and if you live in the Midwest with a cellar or basement, you definitely need one of these.



1MoreThree of the companies on the list were all about listening to music. Edifier, who you can read my review here, Creative Labs who has developed a surround sound technology, Super X-Fi, that is truly impressive, and 1More, a new company with a new technology for improved sounds in headphones and earphones.


Ever since I first had a smartphone and needed to protect it, Otterbox has been the go to product.  While not always as stylish as my daughter would like, they have been the gold standard for smartphone protection and continue to do so today so always worth taking a look at. 


The second company in that category that I have been following is Catalyst. I first connected with them when I wanted to take a smartphone out on the lake in a boat and get images from the waterline. That was back in August of 2012. Read that first review here. You can read my later review from January 2015 here.  Catalyst makes the waterproof cases that give you the confidence to do that.  Connect a lanyard to slip around your neck and never worry about losing the phone in the water.


On the computer side, for networking, I needed to find out about WIFI6 and what it can do for us and also take another look at Mesh networks and both Linksys and Netgear are the companies for that.  In January 2017, I got a very close look at the Linksys Velop Mesh network and you can read the review here. It was an amazing improvement over what I had before and I am really looking forward to what the new technologies will do for us.


WD Persoanl


The other technology that is taking computers into the next jump in speed is in the Solid State Storage area where you replace the spinning hard drives in the computer with solid state drives for an incredible jump in speed. 


For years, my gold standard in hard drives has been the Western Digital Black drives for their reliability and five year warranties that give me great piece of mind when building new computers but now, with the solid state drives available from Crucial, Kingston, and Western Digital; you have both speed and reliability for not that much more money for the 1 Terabyte drives you can install.WD IBI



What you see above is an array of WD Personal and home and cloud storage options.  Something else that was interesting to see from WD is the IBI Photographic Storage and Sharing station. 









So, the odd and interesting things that I saw while visiting my top dozen above. We first got our Arlo web cameras several years ago to keep an eye on someone to make sure they didn’t have an accident in the house. Today, they have all sorts of web based cameras. 







Another silly one is the little robot to bring you the next roll of toilet paper.


Finally, there is the electric motor cycle that is already configured for quite a few different options in building it.   Cake looks to be quite an option for going mobile and electric.electric



charminYou will hear more about my visits with the companies later but for the quick introduction, Digital Experience was the place to be.


Robert Sanborn
February 2020.