Pepcom Home NowPepcom is one of the mini shows that I have enjoyed for many years at CES and other events.  They have a number of companies with pretty cool products that show off what they are doing and give you a chance to talk to developers, creators, and people actually using the products.  They had another one of their virtual shows in June that I attended.  This was Pepcom’s Home Now! Media event.


What I like about the way they do it is that you have a virtual center to go to but then can have zoom meetings with various people and it was great to see the folks at Kingston and chat with them.



WD SN750SEWestern Digital’s Black Division has come out with a new line of fast internal SSD Drives that use the m.2 slot which is terrific for building smaller form factor computers.  See their YouTube video here.

What interested me was the NVMe™ SN750SE system hard drive replacement that is blazingly fast and not so expensive. It is PCIE Gen4 which gives you much better performance.  

You can get the 1TB unit for $129. The focus of the black division is to generate a much faster response time for gamers, or for those just wanting a much faster performing desktop.


Surfboard MaxArris is a company that I did not expect to see there. They are well known for providing the modems and internet connections for AT&T among other broad band services and here they are with their own WIFI Mesh system. Watch their YouTube video here.


 Starting at $399, they have a Tri-band WI-FI 6 mesh system providing gigabit throughput for the entire system. Assuming that you are paying for the high speed internet from your provider.





Sure MV5C




Sure has long been a go to brand for microphones and headphones for everything from music to podcasting to multi-office video conferencing to now a home office microphone for those endless Zoom meetings.


What I like about the new MV5C Microphone is that it really focuses on the speaker rather than picking up extraneous room noises which if you have been on any number of Zoom meetings, you will quickly hear the difference.


See their YouTube video here.  Available for $99.





Lenovo X1





Lenovo was showing off their new X1 Titanium notebook/tablet.


See their YouTube video here




Lenovo has long been my number one choice for a laptop computer because not only the performance you can get, but also the reliability of the boxes. Very cool, very powerful, and not inexpensive. High on my want list.



Colorful Curves Ahead 2




Another of my favorites is ViewSonic. You can see their YouTube video here.  


They talk about everything from monitors to projection systems. They have been my monitors of choice for several years now. Nice warranty, very reliable, and excellent color and contrast for usually a very good price. 



I am still waiting for that 38 inch curved ultrawide but it does go for $1252.




It was an interesting mix of companies. From the usual computer-based products to everything from alarm systems and unique security features to pinball machines to cooking products to health.  There were 32 different companies to visit with some having direct Zoom meetings you could chat and visit with to those with just quick videos and press releases and a means to contact them. 

Doorbell cams along with other video apps all on your smartphone to keep track of your home when you are away. I am finding that more and more systems use apps on your smartphone to control them which unfortunately, raise all sorts of security issues and hopefully, they will be working on that. 






And finally, how about the world’s first kitchen appliance that will turn waste into dirt within hours. See their YouTube video here.


MeetLomi. Not available till November 2021.




Robert Sanborn
June 2021