SDUL2I am simply amazed at the pace of miniaturization of technology. The SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C™ Flash Drive that holds 1 Terabyte of data and can easily get lost in your pocket.  Size wise, it is only 1.75 x 0.48 x 0.34 inches and weighs less than an ounce. You can get it from SanDisk for $199.  It comes in six capacity ranging from 32GB available to a stunning 1 TB as well.


You get a USB-C connector on one end and a standard USB Port on the other so it will work with everything from desktops to smartphones that have the USB-C connector. With the SanDisk Memory Zone App, you can backup your pictures and files from an Android smartphone.  I also like the swivel all metal construction that has a keyring hole to attach a lanyard or keychain and that metal shield also acts as a heat sink. 


San Disk UltraDualSpeed is very good compared to many of the USB Flash memory sticks that I have used in the past. In my test, I copied four different 2.5GB ISO images to the drive using different USB ports on my computer and it took about 45 seconds at the top speed.  


I didn’t really look at the specs but I do have an ASUS mainboard that is less than a year old running an i7-8700 with 32GB of memory and a SATA SSD Main drive.  Some of the other ports took up to three minutes to finish which is still great for a 2.5GB file.  I got similar results with a folder full of pictures and one full of videos.  Compare that to copying the same 2.5GB file to a no name 32GB USB Stick in the same USB3 slot took nearly six minutes.


Probably the only quibble I would have would be the size. Unless you tether it to something, it is small enough to get lost but you certainly can’t complain about the speed and storage capacity.

SDUL3SanDisk StorageThe SanDisk Memory Zone (or Storage App), while is yet another App to install on your smartphone, it will not only manage the storage in your smartphone by backing up your photos, videos, music, and phone contacts to either a microSD card, or the SanDisk Dual USB Drive. It can also manage your cloud storage from Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive.


One cool feature is that you can use geotag search to find files on your phone, storage, or the cloud. If you are not used to connecting your phone to your computer to back it up, this is a terrific option.  It is unfortunately only for Android phones at this time and will not back up phone calls or text messages which depending on the smartphone user, can mount into the thousands. I think it is a great start. If you are not backing up your Android, definitely get one.


This is definitely worth adding to my tool kit. Especially when traveling, I can quickly save the photos and videos that I take with the smartphone while I am away from my computer. What else I will stash on it will be the stand alone malware and anti-virus scanners so that if I need to use another computer, I will have my protection with me as well.

With that amount of space, get one of the multiboot tools and you can create all sorts of bootable partitions to test out other operating systems on your computer. With that much space, you have tons of flexibility for using it.

Well worth getting.


Robert Sanborn

August 2020