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Nikon Coolscan III, A $2000 film scanner 
with a $800 price tag.

by Alan Linker

The Nikon Coolscan III (LS-30) is the cleanest film scanner output for under $1000 with the help of Digital Ice.

Digital Ice is a technology created by Applied Science Fiction (http://www.appliedsciencefiction.com), where with their technology film and slide are cleaned up at the scanning process. 


Surface defects are an ongoing problem for professional and amateur scanner users alike, and previous correction products have been tedious to use or have produced unacceptable degradation of the image. Unlike software solutions that alter the original photo, Image Correction Enhancement (Digital ICE™) technology automatically removes surface defects and leaves the image intact. Digital ICE™ is a proprietary hardware and software technology that is incorporated into a scanner during development. It works by reading surface defects (dust, fingerprints, scratches, etc.) and recording them on a fourth scanner channel (D for defect). This channel is separate from the RGB channels used by traditional scanners. Software in the scanner then uses proprietary algorithms to erase the defects and reconstruct the underlying image. Since the output is in the form of a traditional RGB image, post-scanner processing software, such as Adobe PhotoShop™ and Microsoft Picture It!™, can be used without modification. Using Digital ICE™ requires modifications of the hardware and firmware that can be accommodated by almost any scanner, often at low cost.



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Fast, with average scan times of 20 seconds at 2700 dpi optical resolution
LED technology provides consistent, reliable color with no bulb to replace
Dynamic range of 3.0
Nikon's Exclusive Color Management System provides vivid, extremely accurate color; ensures color matching on monitors, printers, and Web output; and allows users to work in 1 of 10 RGB color spaces as well as CMYK for pre-press work
Hot swappable adapters allow switching between film types without resetting scanner or software
Advanced Photo System adapter available (optional)
High-quality, high-resolution 30-bit color scans at file sizes up to 28 megabytes




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